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About Us

Conspec International, a diverse group of companies, delivers world-leading positioning and decision support systems for mining, industrial, and telecom companies, governmental authorities, and industry.  Our solutions and services increase safety, enhance efficiency, and optimize productivity for our customers.  By implementing our technically advanced mining intelligence software, our customers receive superior situational awareness, real-time positioning, and key information on vehicles, personnel, and equipment; all presented in a sophisticated 3D user interface.

Mining and Industrial Based Services

Increasing personal safety and production efficiency for the Industry

Public Safety Services

increasing public safety by delivering application such as:
Emergency call 112/911 system community warning and
Information system

National Security Law and Enforcement

Helping authorities fighting crime and terrorism by delivering
lawful intercept system.

Commercial Location Based Services

Helping operators and other service provider generate revenue rapidly creating value added services
Friend Finder
Workforce Finder
Family Finder
Zone Based Billing
Mobile Marketing